We provide you with needed quiescence—with modular room systems by BKM.

Working chambers in manufacturing areas are planned and built by us following function-related aspects. Modern scientific research has shown that people's well-being at their workplace has major impact on their willingness to perform and the quality of their work.

Interior Rooms

Interior rooms

Exterior Areas

Exterior areas

Partition Walls

Partition walls

The experts at BKM implement these findings ideally when planning and realising working spaces, as well as standards related to the ordinance on working places and ISO 9000. This applies to the constructional design and or the diligent selection of various construction and building materials.

The element based design offers ideal conditions to adapt customer requests flexibly and individually.

Our comprehensive list of references shows BKM’s presence all over Germany. Many renowned companies rank among the content customers of our business.

We offer you the best and most economical solution—quick, flexible, functional—ready to use from one source.



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